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留言主题:Some comments       2012-11-2 19:06:12
留言内容:Aimee is amazing in interpretation,she speaks outstanding English and standard Chinese. Not only did she interprete the literal meaning, but also helped me understand the cultural difference hidden beneath what my Chinese clients said. For reference, please do not hesitate to turn to me. --Jean-Pierre A. Aimee's rich experience with prestigious MNCs/all walks of life had made my objectives achieved easier. -- Alan T. Aimee's positiveness,professional approach to people impressed me a lot, working with her was fun. --Daniel B. Whenver in a management meeting, I was always stunned at the interpretation by Aimee, she was always so graceful and calm, making sure what was discussed be fully understood by me.I felt I was in a meeting without any langauge barrier. --Frederic G. Aimee is positive,professional,hard-working, resourceful,responsible.-- Jürgen S. Aimee总能站在客户的角度思考问题,按时按量完成指定翻译、市场分析的工作,同时还为我提出了宝贵意见。-- 王总
管理员回复: Deletion was done before the above was released.
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